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All colonic treatments include a chlorophyll and probiotic implant. 


Upon consent, a series of techniques are performed including an abdominal massage using essential oils and hot stones as well as reflexology zone therapy using pressure points.

Standard irrigation treatment

In a one-on-one consultation

we offer personalised diet & lifestyle recommendations which are tailored to the health needs and goals of our clients.

Our aim is to identify and treat the root cause of your health problems and not just  the symptoms.

Above all, a naturopath is a health educator.

It is important for us to aid our clients in understanding that every symptom is simply a 'signal alarm' given by our body to point out an 'imbalance'.


A major focus at Clinique de Naturopathie et Hydrothérapie du Côlon, is health through intestinal cleansing and detoxification.


It is Hippocrates who said,

'All disease  begins in the gut. It may be that some important remedies are to be found there too'




Colonic cleansing Montreal
Colonic irrigation Montreal
colon cleanse
colon hydrotherapy Montreal
Colonic irrigation Montreal

Additional implants

Additional implants are also available and

can be used for a wide range of benefits.

Coffee :

aides in the elimination of toxins from the liver


anti-bacterial, antifungal properties. excellent for managing parasites, candida and colon infections


A powerful detoxifier and also an cleaning agent for the colon 


an alkaline formula used to neutralize    

acidity and toxins inside the colon

Colonic irrigation Montreal


Colonics Montreal


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